About Pyramids – Dr. Giridhar S Shetty

About Pyramids

Here are the “Pyramid Vastu” experiments to experience happiness, health and total well-being. The real way to live life is through knowledge and practice, not through intellect and talk.

Our entire life is an experiment. The more you experiment with your own life the batter you become. Life is to learn and evolve. Everyone’s life is unique and incomparable. Everyone’s has to face new problem and come out with new solutions. The true method of gaining knowledge is through experiment to experience.

All experiments may not work, but the one that works can change your life and the others will definitely teach you life lessons. Without experiments there are no breakthroughs.

A successful experiment gives sound experience is given by your unsuccessful experiments. Remember, it is not an experiments if you know it’s going to work. An experiment is a course of action tentatively adopted without being sure of the eventual outcome.

Scientific experiments enhance our physical comfort and luxury but ‘Pyramid Vastu’ experiments with life enrich our happiness and well-being. To live an outstanding life do Pyramid Vastu experiment. Worldwide 6.5 million people have benefitted! Now it’s your turn… This book is quick and precise guidance to attract more wealth and wellness.