About Us

Sanjiv Joshi is founder of Sri Pyramid Yantra Center
Dr. Giridhar S Shetty is founder at Dr. Giridhar's Spiritual Academy
Sangeeta Mishra is Vastu Consultant in Jiten Pyramid Dadar Mumbai

About us

About Us

Sri Pyramid Yantra Center, Mumbai is a company founded in 2006 by Mr Sanjiv Joshi and Mr Giridhar Shetty. Starting as an informal setup operating from home, they focused on helping people get their homes done as per vastu shastra and using the power of pyramids.

In 2008, they opened a formal office in Goregaon, Mumbai, to help people to get their vastu done at home. This office later became a centre for learning about pyramids and their benefits. To improve the perception of pyramids, they offered a free Vaastu Shastra course with pyramid remedies, attracting diverse students, including architects, house wives, and college students.During lock down, we had to get the vastu shastra course online. 

Over time, they introduced new pyramid tools developed by Dr Jiten Bhatt, expanding the course content. In 2014, Sri Pyramid Yantra Center, Mumbai relocated to Dadar, Mumbai, witnessing a significant increase in clients and necessitating multiple office expansions. Today, the company operates from a spacious office led by Ms Sangeeta S. Mishra, with a team of nine dedicated professionals.

Success Stories

We have successfully trained people having profiles from individual layman and housewives, Vaastu Professionals to Professional Architects and Interior Designers in Vaastu Shastra courses.

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