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Vaastu Shastra Fundas (Free Videos)

We are providing you few videos over here for free. Topics cover range from Traditional Vaastu, Ganesh Idol and an introduction to pyramid. There are also a few map vaastu analysis done. Some defects of vaastu have been explained. The tool money yantra and its use has been discussed in detail with affirmations. This course is for satisfying your curiosity and gives you a rough idea about vaastu shastra. It is nota exhaustive course and only meant to satisfy a cursory curiosity.This course may not be used as a guidance for working in the field of vaastu shastra and rectification.
fandamentals of vaastu

Traditional Vastu Shastra Simplified

The fundamentals of vaastu shastra course is available in easy and simple to understand languages like English, HIndi and Marathi. It covers complete traditional vaastu knowlege topics covered are plots, roads, 9 sections and 8 doors, main doors, kitchen, toilets, master bedroom, guest rooms, temple and many more. It covers various defects. It also discusses the limitations of traditional vaastu knowledge and finally gives a introduction to the concept of Pyramids.
pyra numerology

Pyra Numerology

Pyra Numerology is a science that enables you to identify the weaknesses in an individual, by calculating the missing numbers from his/her Date Of Birth. Pyra Numerology teaches you to overcome those weaknesses using Pyra Cards innovated by Dr. Jiten Bhatt. This course teaches you in detail how to energise the pyra card, and the importance of using the pyra card regularly. Doing this course you will achieve Health, Wealth, Success, Abundance for yourself and for your clients.
pyramid vastu course

Pyramid Vastu Course

The Pyramid Vaastu Course covers the history and myths corrected with traditional vaastu. It discusses the story of vaastu purush and the roles played by the different deities. It covers the complete tarditional vaastu knowledge. It also explains the limitations of traditional vaastu. It goes into the various vaastu doshas (defects) and their traditional rectification methods. It introduces you to the science of pyramids. It also teaches you to use the pyramids effectively. It teaches you the use of pyramids for vaastu dosh (defect) removal. The course also demonstrates pyramids which helps you in areas of Health, Wealth, Overcoming Enemies and Negativity, Success, Prosperity etc. It introduces you to the concept of energising the Brahmasthan, and how the Brahma Bindu can be used, to anchor a high rise flats (property) to mother earth.This course will help you to change your own life within next 300 days, and you could do the same miracle for your clients.
Jiten Pyramid Products Training Course Banner

Jiten Pyramid Product Training

This course is ideally suitable for consultants who are already using traditional Vastu knowledge. The course visually teaches you the different types of pyramids, where they are to be used and how to use them. The course explains how most of the Pyramids can be put to multiple uses. The course also gives details of which Pyramid to use for which area (size) of property. The course teaches how to energize the Jiten Pyramid.