What is Pyra Numerology

Pyra Numerology
Pyra Numerology

Pyra Numerology

In India, numerology has been an important part of many people’s lives for centuries. It is believed that every individual’s life is influenced by certain numbers, and by understanding these numbers, one can gain insight into their personality, character, and destiny. Pyra Numerology is a unique form of numerology that combines ancient wisdom with modern technology to provide accurate and insightful readings. In this article, we will explore Pyra Numerology in India and how it can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their life path.

What is Pyra Numerology?

Pyra Numerology is a form of numerology that is based on the principles of pyramid energy. It was developed by Dr. Jiten Bhatt, a renowned Vastu consultant and numerologist in India. Dr. Bhatt’s research into pyramid energy led him to discover that each number has a unique energy vibration that can be harnessed to enhance one’s life. Pyra Numerology uses a pyramid-shaped instrument called a PyraVastu to measure these energy vibrations and provide accurate readings.

How Does Pyra Numerology Work?

Pyra Numerology works by analyzing an individual’s date of birth and name. Each number is assigned a specific energy vibration, and by combining the numbers in an individual’s date of birth and name, a Pyra Numerology reading can be generated. The PyraVastu instrument is used to measure the energy vibrations of each number, and the readings are interpreted by a trained Pyra Numerologist.

Benefits of Pyra Numerology

Pyra Numerology can provide individuals with a wealth of insight into their personality, character, and life path. By understanding their unique energy vibrations, individuals can make informed decisions about their career, relationships, and personal growth. Pyra Numerology can also be used to enhance one’s home or workspace by using pyramid energy to create a more harmonious and balanced environment.

Pyra Numerology in India

Pyra Numerology has gained popularity in India in recent years, and many individuals and businesses have sought out Pyra Numerology readings to gain insight into their lives and enhance their success. Pyra Numerology is particularly popular among those who are interested in Vastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design. PyraVastu, the pyramid-shaped instrument used in Pyra Numerology, is also used in Vastu to enhance the energy flow of a building.

Pyra Numerology Readings

Pyra Numerology readings can provide individuals with a wealth of insight into their lives. They can help individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities for personal and professional growth, and make informed decisions about their future. Pyra Numerology readings can also be used to gain insight into one’s relationships and find ways to enhance communication and harmony.


Pyra Numerology is a unique form of numerology that combines ancient wisdom with modern technology to provide accurate and insightful readings. It can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their life path, and make informed decisions about their future. Pyra Numerology has gained popularity in India in recent years, and many individuals and businesses have sought out Pyra Numerology readings to enhance their success. If you are interested in learning more about Pyra Numerology, we recommend seeking out a trained Pyra Numerologist to provide you with a personalized reading.

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Pyra Numerology
Pyra Numerology

Transform Your Life with Pyramid Vastu Course


Transform Your Life with Pyramid Vastu Course
Transform Your Life with Pyramid Vastu Course

Pyramid Vastu Shastra  is a system of architecture that combines the principles of Vastu Shastra with the energy of pyramid geometry to create a more balanced and harmonious living and working space. A course in Pyramid Vastu Shastra can have several benefits, including:

  1. Improved Living and Working Spaces: The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to make changes to your living and working spaces that can help to bring balance, harmony, and positive energy. This can lead to improved health, happiness, and success in your personal and professional life.

  2. Career Opportunities: A course in Pyramid Vastu Shastra can also open up career opportunities in the fields of architecture, interior design, construction, and real estate. This can be a valuable addition to your skill set and increase your earning potential.

  3. Self-Discovery: The course can also help you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your personal energies. By learning how to harness the power of pyramid energy, you can gain greater insight into your own strengths and weaknesses and learn how to work with your energy to achieve your goals.

  4. Personal Growth: The course can also promote personal growth and development, helping you to become more self-aware, mindful, and spiritually connected. You can learn practices that can help you to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

  5. Stress Relief: Pyramid Vastu Shastra techniques can be used to relieve stress and promote relaxation. This can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health, leading to increased energy and productivity.

  6. Spiritual Growth: Pyramid Vastu Shastra can also help you to connect with your spiritual side and develop a deeper understanding of the universe and your place in it.

In conclusion, a course in Pyramid Vastu Shastra can be a valuable investment in your personal and professional growth, providing you with knowledge and skills to improve your living and working spaces, expand your career opportunities, promote personal growth and well-being, relieve stress, and connect with your spiritual side.

Vaastu Shastra Fundas (Free Videos)

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Pyramid Vastu Course

Vastu Shastra Training
Vastu Shastra Training

Pyramid Vastu Course

  • Pyramid vastu course for professional consultancy.
  • > 20 hours of lecture / discussion.
  • The concept of pyramids & Aakash yantra. The difference between live vaastu & dead vaastu.
  • The concept of Pyra net and its blessings.
  • Using of the Vaastu Mantra to begin a vaastu business as a , professional Vaastu Consultant.
  • The tested & proven strategies to progress in the Vaastu Business.
  • A discussion on creating possibilities for you.
  • This course is purely professionally certified course.

Course Highlights :-

  • Basic vastu.
  • Traditional remedy.
  • Modern vastu.
  • Pyra vastu .
  • Pyra numerology .
  • Dowsing .
  • Residential, Industrial and commercial, all the areas will be covered.

Why Choose us ?

  • Step by step scientific and Systematic video training.
  • Complete up to data scientific knowledge to meet the challenges posed by modern construction style.
  • You can begin a business in just about 1week from joining.
  • You get trade discount for life time as a student.

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How does Pyramid heal Patients ?

The experiences of meditating inside a Pyramid are remarkable.

A person meditating in a pyramid shows EEG (Electroencephalogram) patterns akin to that seen in people doing transcendental meditation.

People get a feeling of relaxation, clairvoyance, clairaudience and tranquility.

If they sleep in a pyramid, their sleep will be deep and they wake up refreshed; only few hours of sleep will give total relaxation.

If you read inside the pyramid, you can do it with greater concentration and understanding.

Agricultural experts showed that plant growth is enhanced by the electromagnetic phenomenon within the Pyramid.

Water placed in the pyramid has curative properties especially for chronic skin disorders.

Pyramid can put a break to the ageing process, as demonstrated in lower forms of life.

Women sleeping in pyramids get their periods regular and normal and stop.

Pyramids accumulate several different types of energies like negative ions, electromagnetic and cosmic vibrations.

Even grains of sand from certain places have positive therapeutic effects due to their pyramidal shape.

USA has shown that growth rate of plants increase by 15% when grown under pyramids.

The beneficial effects of pyramids have led to the construction of pyramidal schools, recreation halls and warehouses.

The Soviets in their pyramid Research Department of Leningard University are well ahead and have even instruments to measure pyramid power and they are on the brink of some exciting discoveries like negative ion green therapy.

The Pyramids help to increase crop yield by 3 times

Pyramids correct faulty vision, deafness, increase longevity of life, increase the 1Q of children and increase your vitality and sex drive.

It can cure mental ailments with minimal drugs, chronic skin diseases like Psoriasis.

It can help to give painless labour to the pregnant women.

It is proving to be the answer for cancer which is very favourably influenced even with minimum drugs.

It is the lasting cure for Bronchial Asthma, Eczema, and other allergic conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis and similar collagen and autoimmune diseases.

It is probably most effective in Hypertension, Ischemic heart diseases, and Degenerative diseases like Diabetic Osteoarthritis.

Certain environments are healthier than others and are famous for their relaxing air and curative properties because of the high concentration of negative ions there. Pyramids provide one such environment.

There are very many actions that negative ions have on our body:

(1) Reduce heart rate and B.P

(2) Increase vital capacity of lungs and the ciliary movement of the lining ciliary epithelium.

(3) Improve the functions of the hormones producing glands.

4) Improve mental functions, concentration, emotional equilibrium judgement, intelligence

5) Reverse the effects of the positive ions.

Great Pyramid was a gift by thousands of workers, engineers, astronomers and architects. How had they lifted the huge square blocks to a height of 480 feet above the sea level without using cranes or ramps is a wonder. So perfectly they fixed one stone upon another that hardly could a paper be inserted in between them.

Scientist discovered that there is a close relationship between the external forces and the physical, chemical and biological changes, found inside a pyramid.

When kept in a room, a small pyramid, through the energy accured at the one third of it height, can purify the polluted air, kill germs and keep the dwellers sound and healthy.

Similarly, a pyramid placed on the office desk begets energy, dynamism and peace. In fact, the room is changed into a source of energy.

The NASA scientists in USA pointed out that the energy released from a pyramid is more powerful than the solar energy.

The Pyramid Yantra

In the world there are spiritual spaces built in many different shapes. Basically, two shapes are dominant.

1 dome

2 conical or pyramid with spires pointing heavenwards.

These forms recurr in temples, churchs, gurudwaras, masjids and pagodas all around the world.

Usually, to increase the energy storage capacity of the place, there will be a series of domes arranged one above the other. This is referred to as ‘Vertical multiplication’.

At other places the dome or pyramidal structure like spire maybe repeated along the horizontal plane, this is ‘Horizontal multiplication’.

In many locations, a combination of both is seen. The basic shape is repeatedly projected through the earlier layer to form a SHIKHAR.

Position of Children’s Room According to Vastu Shastra

Children’s Room
           The apt direction for construction children’s room is west. Apart from that, west, northwest, northeast and southeast directions may also be used for constructing kid’s room. Totally avoid the southwest direction.
          In a kid’s room, the bed can be placed in the southwest corner. Place the bed in such a way that your child does not have his/her head in the south direction while sleeping.
Avoid placing the mirror on the opposite side of the bed.

Don’t have the furniture attached to the wall in Children’s room, as it obstructs the flow of positive energy.

Avoid placing a television or computer directly opposite the bed. The television set or the computer monitor,    when switched off, reflects the bed, just like a mirror, and is a bad omen.

Avoid sharp edges and nooks in Children’s room.
Center of the Children’s room should always be empty.
Keep windows in Children’s room in North and East direction.
Keep little bags of Sea Salt/Rock salt under your child’s pillow at night to protect him/her from evil eye and negative spirits roaming around at night.

For better concentration Children should have a separate study room or cubicle away from the bed.
Never keep broken toys, dried/withered flowers and torn clothes in the children’s room, it brings them negativity and ill-health.
Bunk beds or Two-tier beds are not allowed in Vaastu as they create heaviness over the head of tone who sleeps below and creates stress and burden.
Even studying under a raised bed, as in modern bed with study table concepts is not permitted as it leads to a loss of interest in studies and a feeling of burden.

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