Pyramid Vastu Course

Vastu Shastra Training
Vastu Shastra Training

Pyramid Vastu Course

  • Pyramid vastu course for professional consultancy.
  • > 20 hours of lecture / discussion.
  • The concept of pyramids & Aakash yantra. The difference between live vaastu & dead vaastu.
  • The concept of Pyra net and its blessings.
  • Using of the Vaastu Mantra to begin a vaastu business as a , professional Vaastu Consultant.
  • The tested & proven strategies to progress in the Vaastu Business.
  • A discussion on creating possibilities for you.
  • This course is purely professionally certified course.

Course Highlights :-

  • Basic vastu.
  • Traditional remedy.
  • Modern vastu.
  • Pyra vastu .
  • Pyra numerology .
  • Dowsing .
  • Residential, Industrial and commercial, all the areas will be covered.

Why Choose us ?

  • Step by step scientific and Systematic video training.
  • Complete up to data scientific knowledge to meet the challenges posed by modern construction style.
  • You can begin a business in just about 1week from joining.
  • You get trade discount for life time as a student.

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