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Traditional Vastu Shastra Simplified

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient traditional knowledge from India. It is complementary to Ayurved, Yogashastra and Jyotish. 

We at Dr. Giridhar’s Spritual Academy have designed Traditional Vastu Shastra Simplified Course in such a way that any average person (person with simple reading & writing skills) with a big giving heart and some common sense will be able to master the Vastu knowledge. 

Vastu Shastra comes from the science of building temples. In ancient times it was called as ‘Sthapathya Shastra’ . From their it has evolved / modified to designing Homes for the common people. 

This course takes you through the evolutionary journey, the Ithihasa of the Vastu Purush which enables one to understand the importance of learning vastu.

We also have incorporated practical demonstrations of how to use the compass. This enables the students to understand the subject better.

You will learn about :- 

  • About the Slope of land
  • About The 8 Directions.
  • About the surroundings to your property   
  • About the 9 sections.  
  • About Your Main Door 
  • About Your Kitchen  
  •  About Your Master Bedroom   
  • About The Toilets
  • About The Study room
  • About the Water tanks
  • About Guest room
  • About storage space
  • About the septic tank
  • About the Temple 
  • And Many more other facts.