Vastu Training Intro by Dr Giridhar S Shetty

vastu training by Dr. Giridhar S Shetty

Get vastu Training from well known vastu consultant Dr. Giridhar S Shetty,

In vastu training you will be learning :-

  • The concept of pyramids & Aakash yantra.
  • Demonstration of the entire range of Jiten Pyramids and explanations of their multiple uses.
  • The difference between live vastu & dead vastu.
  • The concept of Pyra Net and its blessings.
  • Dowsing for checking of energies.
  • Pyra Numerology

  • Please note that your conversations will be recorded.

  • Sri: Hello Sir/Madam, I am Sri assistant to Dr. Giridhar S Shetty. I am your online mentor for Vastu. Ask me anything !

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