Books Published by Jiten Sir

Books Published by Jiten sir

Are you ready to create a miracle in your life?

Learn the proven techniques to correct Vaastu and Fengshui defects and to improve your fortune !  in Books Published by Jiten sir . Also get quick and precise guidance to attract more wealth and wellness.

Learn to use the world’s oldest success tool. Now this new fully illustrated step-by-step guide that takes you beyond ancient wisdom in your hand. Are you about to explore the secret to money, health & wellness! This genuine knowledge can help you turn your dreams in to reality — at home, office, factory,  clinic.

Proven methods to correct Vaastu defects without physical alteration or shifting.

Practical tips in this book will open new doors towards prosperity and success with pyramid power.

This book is in a form of bible which will transform your life with Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt’s knowledge and 40 years of research.

This book will show you how you can achieve fast success results using pyravaastu due to unique “Fa Maa” technique.

This book contains 360 Luck and Fortune boosting secrets of vaastu, also more than 40 simple self-help remedies for you. Now learn to find harmful and negative areas in your house. This book also describes the detailed knowledge of pyramid vaastu for better results.

Now with the help of Vaastu 360 book you will learn how to buy or construct your own house as per vaastu principles, or you can use the knowledge from this book to do energy correction by using pyramid yantra in your present house for correction without physical alteration.

Feeling stuck? Need luck !  Vaastu 360 by Dr. Dhara Bhatt will help you understand vaastu and Advanced Pyramid Vaastu.

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Books Published By Jiten Sir
Books Published By Jiten Sir