Door Link Gold – main door protection

Door link gold – main door protection

door link gold is used a main door protection in order to stop negative energsies from entering your vastu. It creates a positive internal space by

Neutralizes negative and evil energies by not permitting them to enter your premises. Creates a positive internal space by harmonizing all doors with the brahmasthala (Center). Reenergizes and balances both internal and external vaastu energies creating well-being.

Connect each door and window to the center of the house for enhanced vaastu positivity. Doors and large windows are like a cut in the wall. Energy from outside can enter through any full-length cut in the wall. If there is such a cut then there will be disturbance to the brahmasthala (center). Similarly, internal doors (rooms door) also leak the energy of the center when they are not properly placed. On top of that, now we use glass extensively in doors and windows. Glass is considered half-mirror; hence it creates Sha-chi (negativity). So, we all need this fantastic new concept of linking the energy of all doors and windows to the center using ‘Doorlink’.

How to Use

Take the doorlink in your left hand and place the right hand on top or place it on a table or ground and place both your palms on it. Pray to almighty or the power you believe in for fulfillment. You have to change separately the Doorlink that will use for entries/ exits and those used for external rooms door. Entry/exit doors and windows to be charged for aligning the energy entering the premises and going to the center. Internal doors and windows to be charged to align the energy going from the center.

door link gold - main door protection
door link gold – main door protection