Wish Pyramid (Hindi) – wish pyramid

wish pyramid 

wish pyramid is a personal wish machine helps you to shape your future and helps turns your dream into a beautiful reality.

Ever since the pyramid was discovered as a source of mystical energy, it has been experimented for making dreams come true. Let us enter in an experience that is completely new & amazing. Here you can get a concept of living more fruitfully. Wish pyramid – your ‘personal wish machine’ can help to shape your destiny & transform your dreams into reality.

Wish pyramid is called as wish 9×9 machines. It has a 9×9 pyramid top below this, it has a copper wish chamber which is in the shape of a dome. At the bottom plate there are 9 pyramids. At the 4 corner again there are 4 pyramids. Around the 9 pyramids there is carved 8 petalled lotus the sit of laxmi.

     Pre-programmed Gold Square with 8 triangle of copper (a shadow of the 8 petalled above) is inbuilt at the bottom plate. The 9×9 pyramid top covered the entire base

How to Use

Take a clean white paper of 7×7 cm. a wish (your own) is to be written on this paper in an affirmative language. This is to be folded twice and the folded sheet of paper is to be kept below the copper dome. Next cover it with the top. Place this wish infused wish machine in front of you on a table.

wish pyramid
wish pyramid